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What are Google Ads Google ads (beginner's guide)

What are Google Ads Google ads (beginner's guide)

As long as you are looking for what Google ads or Google Ads are, it means that you want to exploit the possibilities of the largest digital advertising network in the world to market something and make a profit through it in one of the ways.

The giant Google Ads platform is one of the most important platforms that many marketers, owners of companies and brands, whether large or emerging, rely on.

If you are one of these and want to start your journey in the fun world of Google ads, then you are in the right place, because in this guide you will learn everything you need.

Why do you want to rely on Google ads

In order to get new customers for your business, or in order to promote your various products, you can use a lot of free platforms and methods of promotion such as:

Publish articles on your site and get traffic from various search engines.

Pay attention to SEO in your online store and get customers from search engines.

Publish content on various social networking sites (Facebook – Instagram – Telegram – LinkedIn) and build your own audience.

So why do you want to spend money on advertising, especially Google Ads of that giant network, or rather why there are so many companies and marketers who pay millions to advertise on Google

Maybe you have a perception about the answer to this question, and maybe these are the reasons that initially prompted you to search for what Google Ads is or what Google Adwords is.

However, there are several reasons that I want you to keep in mind in order to start your journey using the capabilities of the giant Google Ads, and you are fully versed in all the factors on which your success depends.


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